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Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices is one of the most popular parts of the La Crisalida programme. Juicing is an important part of our detox and weight loss retreats, but you can also choose to juice if you come for yoga, life makeover retreat or simply to relax and rejuvenate. 

With our natural fresh juices, we squeeze the very best nutrients out of your favourite fruit and vegetables and put them in liquid form into a glass. All of our juices are freshly prepared in the dining room before each meal, so you get maximum nutrition! This allows your body to detox, cleanse, relax and rejuvenate.

Juicing: give your digestive system a rest

The juices we offer at La Crisalida Retreats are designed to give the digestive system a well-earned break.

A juicer extracts the liquid (plus the nutrients) from the local fruit and vegetables, which goes into a glass ready for you to drink. As the fruit and vegetables are now in liquid form it makes it much easier for the body to digest – much of the energy intensive digestion work normally carried out by the body, to break down the food, has been done. This in turn allows your body to divert energy towards repairing and rejuvenating worn out or unhealthy cells with ease. We hear stories of many of our guests´ energy levels and vitality reaching new highs after only a few days juicing.

relax cleanse and rebalance drinking freshly made juices retreat Spain
choose your juice detox retreat Spain

Freshly made juices – two week menu

All juices are freshly made for you, for each meal, so you know they deliver the maximum nutrition. You can watch your juice being made by our team, as the juice machine is in the dining room.

We have a two-week menu for the breakfast and lunch juices, to provide variety of colours and tastes, using lots of different fuits and vegetables. The juice menu is on display in the dining room, so you can easily check which juice is being served.

We have set juices for breakfast and lunch. All our breakfast juices include avocado (but you can ask for it not to be added if you prefer). For dinner, you can select your own juice from our evening menu, or, if you prefer, you can choose which ingredients you want from our list and we’ll make it for you.

There is also a smaller juice in the afternoon, available for everyone.

Low fruit and no-fruit options

Some of our guests wish to reduce the amount of fruit sugars (fructose) in their juices. Some of our guests prefer pure vegetable juices (no fruit). We offer you the option to choose a low fruit juice or pure vegetable juice for each meal. You can indicate this in the dining room, on the meal choice form.

If you are allergic or intolerant to specific fruit or vegetables let us know and we can prepare a juice specially for you.

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Three-day juice detox

If you are interested in a juice cleanse, then we recommend that you start with three days, usually the day after you arrive at the retreat. You can juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have the afternoon juice too.

You are welcome to extend the length of time you juice; previous guests have juiced for 10 days or longer! It’s your retreat, so you decide. Our health and wellbeing mentors are around if you have any questions or need any assistance.

If you are feeling hungry, a fruit bowl is always available in the dining room to help yourself. We also provide some supplements for you to add to your juice if you choose.

You can also choose to eat the food and juice at each mealtime, and there is a small supplement for this option.

Please be aware that juicing might not be suitable for everyone – for example, we do not recommend juicing for people with an eating disorder. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about juicing. 

Prepare for your juice detox

Most people report the juices we prepare to be refreshingly tasty and enjoyable. However, if you have a rich diet (e.g. a high proportion of sugars or caffeine, meat and/or dairy) you may find that it can take a little longer to adjust to the natural and fresh flavours. It is possible that you might experience some symptoms, like headaches or grumpiness. If this is you, we suggest gently introducing yourself to juicing – have one juice per day, maybe for breakfast or lunch, rather than the full three-day detox.

You can also prepare at home before coming on your detox retreat. We recommend that you cut down on caffeine, chocolate, sugar, tobacco and alcohol in the week or two before you come. This will smooth the detox process and you will be less likely to experience some of the symptoms that can occur. We also suggest you increase your fluid intake significantly in the days running up to your retreat. Drink at least three litres of water each day (herbal teas count as part of this amount). Drinking plenty of water will ensure you are fully hydrated when you arrive, to help you feel at your best during your retreat.

fresh juice low fruit no fruit juice detox retreat Spain
Lisa Brant founder Juice retreat Spain

Health benefits of juicing

There are many health benefits to drinknig fresh juices for a period of time. Juicing is a great way to cleanse your body of toxins, and this elimination process will also work in harmony with your yoga or life makeover retreat. Juicing is great for your detox and weight loss retreat, as they are more calorie controlled than food (you will still detox and cleanse when eating our delicious food).

Detox does not necessarily always mean weight loss. Some people want to do a juice cleanse but do not want to lose weight. That´s fine, we can add extra avocado to your breakfast and evening juices. It often surprises guests how our juices can leave them feeling full for hours.


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Enjoy our healthy juices or fabulous, fresh, home cooked plant-based meals.